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Most of us pray and we pray a lot. We pray for ourselves, our family, our church, and the world we live in. Then what happens? Maybe we wait. Maybe we are thankful because we received an answer. Maybe we forget what we even prayed! But do we ever live in our answered prayers? What I mean by this is do you take the time to embrace what you have been granted before moving onto another prayer? Most of us don’t. I’d like to challenge you to live in your answered prayers. Don’t worry I’ll explain more.

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When & How To Pray

We first need to tackle the question when and how do we pray. The short answer is anytime anyway! My favorite time to pray is actually in the car. I used to pray everyday on my way to work. It was my time with God and allowed me get ready for my day ahead. Now that I’m a SAHM, I don’t have a car ride every day and when I am in the car I’m not alone. Now I don’t think you have to pray alone. In fact, we pray as groups all the time! But like all relationships, you need time alone together. Most parents understand the value of this. Therefore, I think you should set aside time when it is just you and God.

Now that I have my LO and am never really alone… I have not been able to establish an everyday prayer schedule. So currently, I pray whenever I feel like it. You’re thinking that’s great! You’re still praying…right? But it really makes it hard, for me, to focus my prayers and intention. Not to mention I really can’t remember what I have prayed about (mom brain is real y’all!)! This makes it hard to live in my answered prayers.

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It makes it hard to even realize I have answered prayers. That is why I am creating a prayer journal and suggest you do to. A prayer journal can help you focus your thoughts and feelings and most importantly prayers! You can look on Pinterest for your very own ideas on how to do this.

Answered Prayers

This is where life gets exciting! Our faith is fulfilled and renewed. We have a sense of purpose and self. We can see God’s love. We are thankful! But most of the time we just move on to the next prayer right? Of course we give thanks for the answer but than there you go! Next! There are more prayers or continuing prayers that we jump to next. Such is life…we move on.

How many times do we just passed by answered prayers? If we are not living in our prayers, do we even know when they have been answered? This is why I am creating a prayer journal. I want to remember what I have prayed for and when they are answered. I can give thanks that He loves me and wants to help me! I can also live in my answered prayers.

What About Unanswered Prayers

The most challenging aspect of faith comes when we ask and it is not received. Or we have the perception that it is not received. Or even worse, we believe we are not worthy to have our prayers answered.

There are two things to keep in mind when dealing with unanswered prayers. First is, God rewards the faithful. Ask yourself are you truly faithful in Him? Do you believe He wants to answer your prayers? And most important, are you allowing Him to answer your prayers? This is incredibly important. I like the analogy of praying to win the lotto. Do you pray to win the lotto but have never bought a ticket? God can create miracles, no doubt about that, but maybe we should give Him a little help out…just a thought!

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The second thing is we are a religion based on Faith. Mathew 21:22 states: “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” Have a little faith that God knows what is best. If He gave you everything you wanted at the moment you wanted it I don’t think we would truly be happy. We think we would but God knows better. I can not tell you how many times I prayed for a family and a child. I’ve always wanted kids. In truth, if I had my prayers answered when I started praying I would not be and happy and productive a mother as I am today. God knew that I was meant to be more than a mother. I was meant to help others on their mothering journey as well. I couldn’t have done that a few years ago. So be patience and do not put a timeline on answers. Again, a prayer journal will help you with this. When looking back through a years worth of prayers you may be surprised how many were answered you didn’t even realize. So don’t discount unanswered prayers there is a reason for it and it is so much bigger than you know!

Devotional Exercise

This week our focus is on living in our answered prayers. This week I want you to think about a prayer that God has answered for you. Perhaps it is something big like pregnancy or a job. Or it can be something small like getting through a meeting or getting dinner done on time without burning it. Whatever the prayer that has been answered I want you to focus and live in that prayer before moving onto praying for the next step. For example, maybe you have prayed to become pregnant and you finally are! Yes! Naturally, you want to now start praying for a healthy pregnancy, maybe you want to pray for a girl (or boy), or that your other kids will accept this new baby. These are all wonderful, valid prayers that you should pray…eventually. Right now, I want you to push pause on your prayer button, and switch into a mode of gratitude. I want you to live in this moment of answered prayer! Enjoy the gift God has given you!

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In your prayer journal or just on a piece of paper:

1. Write down the prayer that God answered. I always make you write out things because it makes the exercise more intentional.

2. Breathe into this prayer. Take many deep breaths, making each one longer than the next and when you exhale focus on the gratitude you feel for having your prayer answered. You can even hold the paper or journal you wrote you prayer on while doing this. Finish your breaths by verbally thanking God for the prayer that He granted you.

3. Take an appropriate amount of time to live in your prayer before asking for something else. Live in a state of gratitude.


Now. You may be asking yourself what was the purpose of this exercise? Doesn’t God want to answer our prayers? Of course He does! And He does so without asking us to thank Him. He will continue to grant you your prayers even if you don’t thank Him. He does this because He is good! But He also deserves our devotion, our worship and our thanks.

This is a relationship strengthening exercise. We all know that a relationship only works if both parties work at making it work. When looking at our relationship with God we should not be takers. We need to give Him the praise and gratitude He deserves. Slow down and live your prayers. Enjoy your gifts. This way you, can appreciate the magnanimity of His goodness! It is awe-inspiring! It is wondrous! And it will change your life! So I encourage you, even if its just for a few hours, to live your answered prayers.

Blessings Joyful Mamas!


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10 thoughts on “Answered Prayers or Not

  1. Cyrus

    Being thankful to God is something I always try to remember, especially after answered prayer. I some times think, if I prayed to God X amount of days, and then received an answer, then I should praise God X amount of days.

    Thanks for providing that exercise. I’ll have to use it next time I receive an answer to prayer!

    1. Kara Post author


      Anytime!  I like your theory on if you pray X amount you should praise X amount.  This would be where a prayer journal would help out tremendously.  That way you can document this process.  I don’t know that it needs to be done for every prayer but if you have been praying for something for a long time and then receive it you should spend an adequate amount of praise as well! Thank you for your comment.


  2. Kuu

    For me, I love praying and expressing gratitude to the Lord for the wonderful things He always and continues to do for me. The word PRAYER is a simple word but means different things to different people. Personally speaking I think prayer is a wonderful way to communicate with God. Either to ask for wisdom, protection or clarity. The great thing about prayer is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. On top of that it doesn’t cost money but the benefits you get out of it, can be life changing. Great post Kara. 

    1. Kara Post author


      Thank you for your insights!  Prayer is absolutely one of the best ways to communicate with God.  It is so personal and you can absolutely do it anywhere!  Keep praying!  



  3. Taetske

    Good Morning Kara,

    I was quite touched by reading your post. We live hectic lives and often take things for granted. The word Thank You is seldom spoken. One has to say Thank You for all the blessings received may they be big or small.

    I personally think there are no unanswered prayers, it is us who do not understand the form they appear in and are therefor often overlooked or not recognized as such. I am 68 now and when I look back and see the happenings in my life all the pieces fall into place and form a beautiful total for which I say Thank You.

    Regards, Taetske 

    1. Kara Post author


      I agree completely with you!  I don’t think our prayers go unanswered or fall on deaf ears.  I believe it is our expectations that need to be changed or our eyes opened!  Thank you for your comment and for reading my post!



  4. Paul

    Dear Kara,

    “Do we ever live in our answered prayers?” Your question hit me on my head.

    Indeed I do agree with you… We need to have a personal time with our LORD.

    A prayer journal! Wow great idea. When I watched the movie “War Room” I thought of making a note of my prayers and mark the answered prayers. But I didn’t do that, thanks a lot for your valuable post and for sure moving forward I am going to have a prayer journal.

    Great insights on Unanswered Prayers… It made me to think a lot Glory to GOD and GOD bless you…

    “I want you to live in this moment of answered prayer” Great insights I am going to spend the next few days in thanking GOD for the answered prayers (Starting it from today).

    Thanks a lot for the insightful post… Looking to subscribe to your newsletter but not able to find one… Please do the needful…

    GOD  Bless!


    1. Kara Post author


      Thank you for your comments!  I need to watch the War Room I have heard great things about it but have yet to sit down, uninterrupted, to watch the whole thing.  I don’t have a newsletter as of yet but it is in the works!  I am so glad that my post was able to touch you and allow you to change the way you pray!  




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