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A Lesson on being Vulnerable

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage” ~ Brene Brown

Being Vulnerable Improves Your Problem Solving Skills

When you hear someone say be vulnerable do you cringe? Do you think, “But I am a strong rock hard woman!”? In today’s society it can be very hard as a woman and a mother to be told to be vulnerable. As a mother, it can be especially hard, because you have little ones you want to set a strong example for. However, being vulnerable does not mean you are being a weak woman or mother. In fact, you can improve your problem solving skills by being vulnerable. Being vulnerable means opening yourself up to truths and allowing yourself to be courageous. Ultimately, this makes you strong, powerful, and more joyful!

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Fight Problems with Truth

With most problems, our nature is to deny the facts. We don’t want to see problems; much less face that many of them are rooted in facts that we are not perfect. You and I face problems daily. Perhaps your child’s teacher tells you they are misbehaving. Or you had a marital disagreement. Maybe, you are behind on a project at work. Whatever the problem you are facing you first have to see the truth behind the problem. This starts with being truthful to yourself. Am I not disciplining like I should at home? Was I overly critical of my spouse? Did I take on too much work? Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly.

The apostle John tells us “Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and truths” (1 John 3:18, NIV). We are called to live and active life. If we are going to face our problems we have to be actively present in their solutions. This starts with truth.

Fight Problems with Courage

Once we are truthful with ourselves about the root of our problems we then must face them to fix them. This requires so much courage! We may have to apologize, say we were wrong, and take responsibility for the problem at hand. The best news about this is that you are not alone!

You have God on your side and he wants you to be a happy, healthy, and successful mom! “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong” (1 Corinthians 16: 13). Find your courage to face your problems through God. He is on your side no matter what! Mother’s who are courageous teach their children to be courageous as well. If you can face your problems first with truth and then with courage think of the example you are setting for your family.

Problem Solving exercise : Exploring Truth and Courage

I want you to think of a problem facing you today. Take out a piece of paper and fold it in half (or draw a line). At the top of the page write down your problem and on one side, underneath your problem, write ‘truth’ and on the other side ‘courage’. Now I want you to take a moment and pray over your problem. Ask God to open your heart to the truths behind the problem and give you the courage to face and alleviate the problem.

Next take a moment to think about the truths behind your problem. Write them down. These do not have to be just negative truths. They are the real meat and bones of your problem! Perhaps the problem is due to a completely outside source to you. Just be honest with yourself.

Now I want you to write down what courageous acts it will take to solve this problem. You can try to match these to your truths. Remember you are a daughter of God! Through Him, you

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have courage!

I want you to now say a final prayer over your problem and ask God to give you the courage to tackle it. I hope that this helps you and gives you the tools you need to be a vulnerable mother in Christ.


I hope that this exercise has made you realize just how important truth and courage can be in problem solving. The more you become aware of how truth and courage effect your daily activities the easier it will become to face and even avoid problems! This is a great exercise to have your kids do as well! it can teach them to ask God for help and to reach within themselves for answers to problems. Building problem solving skills at an early age is so important for healthy happy kids and moms!

God Bless My Joyful Mamas!


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2 thoughts on “Improve Problem Solving Skills

  1. Kavitha

    Excellent post! Being a women especially as a mother problem solving skill is very important. Being courage and dare to face truth for solving problem make us really strong. Thanks for this wonderful article!

    1. Kara Post author

      We are strong! Problem solving skills as a mom is incredibly important. Kiddos are so smart! You have to stay a few steps ahead.



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