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Welcome to!  My name is Kara and I am a single mom to a beautiful baby girl. This website is for every mom no matter what stage their journey maybe.  Everyone has a different life, a different baby and a different story.  I believe we should honor each others differences.  By sharing stories and ideas, we can come together as a community.  


I started my motherhood journey out very rocky.  I had always wanted to be a mother but when I found out I was pregnant it was very much unplanned.  I was just starting out in nursing school, in the middle of remodeling a 100 year old house, and not in a serious relationship with the father.  In fact, I had decided that I didn’t really want to be in a relationship and had made a 5 year plan that involved becoming a single mom via IVF.  Needless to say after finding out I was pregnant I became incredibly depressed and anxious.  I took leave from my job and dropped out of the nursing program.  Plus I sold my house and bought a trailer.  

No matter how hard my 9 months were they all disappeared when I held my baby girl!  Her dad and I fell completely in love with our beautiful, crazy and at the time jaundiced bundle.  No matter what happens or doesn’t happen between us we are committed to being the best parents we can be for our daughter and that means not being together. 


My life is unique!  Your life is unique!  We all may have similar circumstances but ultimately we have slightly different stories.  This website is my story.  As a Christian woman being a single mom can be very challenging.  You don’t fit into the plan that is ‘expected’ for you.  But God has a plan for all of us no matter how weird or crazy it seems to us at the time.  The best thing we can do is live!  And to share our story.  Psalm 133:1 says: “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” (NIV)  

God Bless,


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