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Wow! It has been a few months since I last sat down to write you guys a blog post! For this, I apologize. There has been so much happening in my life and the world right now that really deserves some attention. For starters, this blog has always been, for me, the potential to work from home. However, with various things going on in my life I have not dedicated the time and energy to it to truly make it the spectacular blog I know that it can be. I would like this to be a safe place for all mamas (and daddies, and people who love God!) to come and learn/share about God, life as a mom, challenges, hopes/dreams and products to help make our lives easier and healthier!


It is with that goal in mind, that I am restructuring the way I do this blog. My goal is to create a devotional for you every other week and to update you on my life (or just a little ramble) at least every week. These are pretty lofty goals considering I can barely get one post out some months. But I want my readers to feel a connection with me! I want to bring you my trials and tribulations in order for you to grow in God through me. I am far from perfect, as I suspect are you. I falter in my faith with God and in my faith that I am a good mother.

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There are days that I am too tired to play with my LO and so she watches a lot of TV. There are mornings where I just want one more sip of coffee and so I give her my phone or tablet and retreat to my kitchen. There are mornings where I lay in bed and let her cry for just a little longer in the morning praying that maybe she will go back to sleep so I can get just 15 more minutes in bed!

Historical Times Are Happening

As I am writing this, our nation and world are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an unprecedented time in our history. We are literally living history! This is exciting and scary! When you were in school did you ever read about history and think…what the heck were people back then thinking? Well I’m here to tell you that I am not looking forward to explaining to my daughter why in 2020 there was a toilet paper shortage! I don’t want to have to remind her that she didn’t get to see her dad for almost a month because as an essential worker, who may have had coworkers sick and who came in contact with the public and as we are separated, we both felt it in her best interest to not have contact with him. I don’t want to tell her that there were days I literally cried because I was used to going out and seeing people and getting a break from her and now it was mommy, mommy, mommy all the time and I was literally loosing my ever loving mind!

See the challenge right now is that we are writing history. A history that will be looked at under a microscope and added to textbooks (or I guess at this rate e readers since technology is over taking the world). We will be talked about for years to come and I’m not so sure that I like what is going to be printed about my generation! Did you know that you can not buy a Nintendo DS right now for like anything under $500? This is because people bought them out of stock and are now selling them for a huge profit! What is even worse…we are buying them at this astronomical price! Or we are being suckered into buying super cheap ones that are knock offs or ones that don’t even work…or may not even exist at all! We are protesting the government because we have been asked to stay home except for essential trips to the store. Instead of thinking of the whole, many people are thinking of themselves and their boredom and their small business and whatever else is an internalization. Yes, it is sad that so many people have lost their jobs. It is sad that many small businesses will not recover from this. It is incredibly sad that there is fear mongering and that individuals are preying on those who are praying just to survive. But mostly, it is sad that one day we will have to relive these stories to our children.

A New Hope Restored

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In all this sadness, there is hope and love and God. I know in my community churches are going out and distributing food to those who are shut in and can not get out. We are posting on Facebook to eat out locally and support our small businesses by buying locally at the stores who are still open and offering curbside service! I mean how cool is it that some of our businesses have totally changed the way they do business to not only keep themselves afloat but also to service those who still want/need things during this time! Many people say that the government is overstepping its bounds. I say we should read Romans 13. This passage talks about how we should trust in the government because God has a plan (I am working on a longer devotional for you all on this topic so I want to be brief here). God does have a plan in all of this.

So I want to reach into your hearts today and ask you to put aside your fears. This is going to be so hard to do during this time but it is so important; especially in this time! God gives us valleys to walk through in order for us to come out on top of the mountain and appreciate the view. This is just another valley but one that we don’t have to walk alone! Everyone is in the same exact valley! There is no one in the whole world who is not being affected by this! How amazing it is that we, on a global scale, are sharing in something…even something tragic. There is a sense of togetherness and instead of capitalizing on the fears of this time, lets capitalize on the togetherness. Let’s create a community that helps (safely) each other out. Maybe that looks like setting up a group chat with your mom friends. Maybe that means opening your window and chatting over coffee with your neighbor, in the safety of your own homes! Maybe that looks like getting together in a parking lot and having a girls night while distancing yourselves in you cars. Maybe that looks like turning your business into something different that is profitable for you but helps your community. Whatever it looks like, do it with a servant’s heart and pray to God. We will get through this and the world will be a different place. I pray that the world comes out a better place!

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Prayer for today:

God I pray for our nation and our world.

Lord you are so good and we thank you for the many blessings you have given us. I thank you for this time of learning and reflection you have put upon us because I know that there is a purpose and a lesson in our troubled times.

Lord, this is a troubling time when there is so much fear, anxiety and uncertainty. There are broken hearts all over this world but there is also light and goodness.

Lord I pray, that we hold onto this light and goodness and walk with it through this valley and up to the mountain and it shines like a beacon on the mountain top for many years in the future. Lord I pray that you are with us all in this time and that we can take peace and comfort in your arms.

It is in Jesus’s name that I pray.



I just hope that everyone goes about this time with a sense of faith and learning. It is an unprecedented time and we need to lean into our faith and to pray. In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 we are called to pray, and be joyful in any and all circumstances. So I encourage each of us today and for the days to come that before we complain or if we are in the midst of complaining we stop and we pray. I know I am praying for you all.

God Bless,


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6 thoughts on “Ramblings on Covid-19

  1. Gomer

    Your article has got me searching on Google for Romans 13. Thankfully, I got it and now I know and understand why our pastors are advising us to just submit to our government and not join the activists protesting against its policies. Yes, of course, we are in a democracy and have the right to be heard. But in times like this, we should trust the authorities and cooperate with their strategies on how to prevent more COVID-19 cases.

    Now that I have discovered this blog of yours, I will be tuning in for more thoughts from you. Thanks for sharing your views and for inspiring us to band together, help each other and maintain an optimistic view of life in this time of trouble.

    1. Kara Post author

      I am so thankful that I could bring you a good word!  Hopefully you will tune in again  and I can bring you even more in the future! 

      Prayers and Blessings,


  2. Sheddy Ovb

    Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrew 11:1)

    For without faith no man can please God. In this present time that we are experiencing this global pandemic Covid-19 it’s very important we do not panic or fear, for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of sound mind so this time is a call for us to put our faith into practice and not the other way round. God in his mercy will surely see us through this time. Thanks for sharing this encouraging and motivational article.

    1. Kara Post author

      Thank you for sharing such a wonderful scripture!  It is true that we must have faith in the things we see but also in the unseen things God works under the surface.  


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