Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dying but Alive in Us All

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I went to bed last night after reading the news headlines and the one that struck me the hardest was the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I knew from the news lately that her cancer was bad and that she was very sick so I was not surprised but I was saddened by her passing. My first thought was, “Oh no! Now there are no women in the supreme court!” Shortly after this thought, I realized I really did not know much about this woman. In light of this saddening news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, I decided to look into the life of this amazing woman and recount some things for all of you.

The memory we should keep alive

Now, politics are not my thing by any means. I of course follow politics and legislative actions because I would like to be an informed citizen but I by no means like politics or read a ton about them. While I knew Ginsburg advocated for women’s right I did not know just how liberally she fought. At 5″ 1′ she towered over her life and career.

While researching her life, I found the most beautiful quote from CNN It said that when working with Sandra Day O’Connor she disagreed a lot but she said: “we have had the experience of growing up women and we have certain sensitivities that our male colleagues lack.” What an amazing statement!

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As a woman, I don’t automatically like every other woman. But we can take solace in the fact that we are all women! This is a bond that is easily overlooked and wrote off when you bring in societal judgments. The one absolute in Ginsburg’s long career was her campaign for women’s rights. She is quoted by the Guardian as saying: “there is discrimination against women in the US (and elsewhere), and that discrimination violates the American constitution”. We should all be thankful to this amazing woman!

Faith and the Bench

Ginsburg was born to a Jewish family in the aftermath of the Holocaust. According to RNS, her faith and upbringing shaped the way she empathized with minority groups. When looking for parallels between Ginsburg and women of the Bible I think of the wife in Proverbs 31. Her husband has total confidence in her and lacks nothing even though she works and keeps a household she provides everything for her family. As Jewish woman, Ginsburg holds up all of these qualities.

And she truly was quite an amazing woman! She grew up when times for women were drastically changing but still very unequal. She was also incredibly loyal to her husband, taking notes for him while he underwent cancer treatment and even leaving Harvard to go with him to New York after he found a job there ( In a changing time when she could have done anything, she chose to followed her husband. This was a woman who upheld her ideals of family while still achieving her dreams! She proceeded to fight gender inequalities her whole career and not just for women but any inequalities seen through the law!

In a world that is obsessed with Pintrest and Instagram on this sad day in history, I think we should take a look at the important things in our lives. We live the lives we do because of women like Ruth Bager Ginsburg. We make strides every day to close wage gaps, gain traction on family leave of absences, and be whomever we choose to be and we owe that in part to her.

Be a notorious RBG! Be brave! Be you! Stand up for what you believe in and live that belief every single day! That is what we can do to keep alive the legacy of such a strong and amazing woman. Be a mom, be a student, be a wife, be a worker. It absolutely does not matter what you are in this life as long as you are true to yourself and you be all that you want to be! Be a Ruth! Because that is an amazing legacy to live up to!



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13 thoughts on “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dying but Alive in Us All

  1. Justin

    Hello Kara,I have to say I’m really pleased with the honesty I see through out this article as you’ve clearly stated your point here in the simplest way and I like it truly. The fact that some things has happened changes a lot in most people and it’s really not good because it ends up making them take some sad decisions towards others. 

  2. Suz

    Hello Kara, here you write something that I’d very interesting and whole reading something struck me and this is the fact that I have never taken out time whether consciously or not to actually appreciate what women like myself have done in our world. I don’t know this woman but reading about her makes me feel proud of womanhood. Thank you for bringing me this feeling.

  3. Justin

    Hello Kara, I have come to realise that in life we just have to live while we are alive. Do things that make you and the world happy and when you are no longer there the world would remember you for it. Taking a look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg I am really pleased with all she did with her life and I’m happy such human lived

  4. Beesean

    The beauty of an icon like Ruth Bader Ginsburg is that years from now, young girls will learn a worthy role model who revolutionised the meaning of the word justice and equality and was filled with so many good qualities that they will have no other choice but to emulate such an amazing person. Thank you so much for sharing this article 

  5. Nath

    Hello there! Thank you for this post. Clearly stated in this story there is the honesty you have displayed in writing this post to the purest from. Seriously, a lot happens and it tends to affect people based on perception an how they have decided to react to it. Seriously, I find this piece very informative. This woman was such an icon and I now learned even more about her! 


  6. Suz

    I have not heard of this until now and it is good because I am able to learn about it. I am not so current with news is so I love what I am able to read here. Thank you very much for sharing the information you shared. Really grateful for everything.

    1. Kara Post author


      Thank you for your lovely comment.  I am so grateful that I was able to make an impact and share this with you!


  7. Bruce

    It is very thoughtful of you to write this interesting article and I must say it really touched my heart that we lost such a prominent member of our today’s society, she’s gone but truly she’s alive In all of us and the memories we have if her shall never die. Thanks for sharing

    1. Kara Post author


      Thank you so much for coming to my site and reading this article!  The loss touches my heart as well.



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